GIVEAWAY: Signed copy of THE SECRET INGREDIENT OF WISHES & Anthropologie apron!

untitled-designTwo years ago I mentored an author for PitchWars — an online writing contest where authors looking for agents (and publishing deals) get to work with mentors to shine and polish their manuscripts. I’ve always loved books with magical realism, particularly ones that also include food (think Sarah Addison Allen), and was tickled when I came across Susan Bishop Crispell’s manuscript. It’s a story where secrets are baked into pies, wishes that float on tiny pieces of paper come true, and it’s full of all the things I love in a great magical realism story.


I worked with Susan on that manuscript (well, she worked — HARD), and while it wasn’t a direct line from PitchWars to book sale, I’m thrilled that Susan’s debut, THE SECRET INGREDIENT OF WISHES, just hit shelves this past Tuesday.


So to celebrate I’m giving away a signed hardcover copy of Susan’s book, along with this lovely (and book cover matching!) apron from Anthropologie that I wish I could keep for myself. For readers who also love to cook or bake, or who like to look stylish while pretending to chef it up in the kitchen, this is the giveaway for you!


I’ll choose a lucky winner next Saturday, September 17th, via random draw (open to U.S. and Canada). Please visit Susan’s website and give her a little love on Facebook and Twitter if you’re so inclined. And good luck, everyone!


If you want to know more about the book, here’s the synopsis:

51t-vfynk1l26-year-old Rachel Monroe has spent her whole life trying to keep a very unusual secret: she can make wishes come true. And sometimes the consequences are disastrous. So when Rachel accidentally grants an outlandish wish for the first time in years, she decides it’s time to leave her hometown―and her past―behind for good.

Rachel isn’t on the road long before she runs out of gas in a town that’s not on her map: Nowhere, North Carolina―also known as the town of “Lost and Found.” In Nowhere, Rachel is taken in by a spit-fire old woman, Catch, who possesses a strange gift of her own: she can bind secrets by baking them into pies. Rachel also meets Catch’s neighbor, Ashe, a Southern gentleman with a complicated past, who makes her want to believe in happily-ever-after for the first time in her life.

As she settles into the small town, Rachel hopes her own secrets will stay hidden, but wishes start piling up everywhere Rachel goes. When the consequences threaten to ruin everything she’s begun to build in Nowhere, Rachel must come to terms with who she is and what she can do, or risk losing the people she’s starting to love―and her chance at happiness―all over again.

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  • Amy Reichert September 9, 2016  

    I have a recipe for a salted caramel apple pie that might be the best thing in the world. Here’s the recipe–but of course mine is better because I make the most amazing pie crust. (note: I do not bake a humble pie 😉 ).

  • Terry Pearson September 9, 2016  

    I have a few pies I love but having to select only one I woyld have to say Lemon Chess Pie. When I make it I always add extra lemon juice because I prefer my a bit on the tart side.

  • Jennifer Bairos September 9, 2016  

    I love apple pie with ice cream. It always makes me think of fall.

  • Jessica Smith September 9, 2016  

    I love making pop tarts with homemade pie crust, apples and lots and lots of brown sugar and butter 😉

  • Jennifer Morse September 9, 2016  

    My favourite pie flavour is raspberry!

    Also, that apron is adorable!!

  • Bonnie K. September 9, 2016  

    I, don’t often, eat pie, but I do look forward to having pumpkin and pecan pie at Thanksgiving. My grandmother’s strawberry and rhubarb pie was very good.

  • Sandy E September 9, 2016  

    Love the Smoky Mountains in NC

  • Holly September 9, 2016  

    I love homemade cherry pie… Especially topped with whipped cream! This giveaway is amazing! Thank you so much for the chance ❤️

  • Amy September 9, 2016  

    I love French Silk pie!

  • Trish McNeil September 9, 2016  

    Unfortunately I cannot make pie. There are two of us in our household. One of us has willpower and I don’t so I’m the one who ends up eating more than my share of the pie. My favorite is chocolate cream!

  • Erica September 9, 2016  

    I am so excited to get a copy of Susan\’s book!! And my favorite pie is sour cherry pie – or any pie made in the movie ‘waitress’…

  • Jessica September 9, 2016  

    Apple is my favorite and I can’t share my recipe–its secret

  • bn100 September 9, 2016  

    apple pie

  • DJ September 10, 2016  

    I love Pecan Pie. It’s my favorite.

  • Rebecca September 10, 2016  

    Maple cream and lemon!

  • Janet W. September 10, 2016  

    My mom made amazing pie and her raisin pie was my favourite!!

  • Heidi September 10, 2016  

    Pumpkin Pie! I know, overdone to most people but I love it! Apple pie with caramel on top or pecan pie are a close second…I just really love pie in general.

  • DS September 10, 2016  

    My favorite is key lime pie.

  • Theresa Snyder September 10, 2016  

    I love pecan pie! The one I’m known for making comes from the Cooks Illustrated mag years ago. I use less brown sugar than the recipe calls for so I think it’s even better! I also make a fabulous key lime pie and lemon meringue pie!
    Though my all time favorites are any pies my grandma made! Didn’t matter what kind it was, they were amazing!

  • Carla Dee September 10, 2016  

    I love Dutch Apple Pie although I don’t have a favorite recipe I make to share. Your book looks so wonderful. I love books that are magical and joyful. Good luck!

  • Amar Kaur September 10, 2016  

    Apple pie and pecan pie w ice cream

  • Karma September 10, 2016  

    So many fantastic pies! My personal faves are key lime, pumpkin, and peach 🙂

  • JJ September 11, 2016  

    Pumpkin pie

  • Tamara September 12, 2016  

    I like a nice slice of key lime pie when I’m on vacation on the beach. The long days at the beach pair nicely with kicking back with a large slice of key lime pie while I relax and enjoy vacation!

  • Elizabeth MacGregor-Kirkcaldy September 14, 2016  

    Oh, my, Joy! Rapture! ‘The Secret Ingredient of Wishes’ sounds fabulously delicious. I have added it to my TBR List, and I cannot wait to read it. Lovely cover! I absolutely love a slice of pie with a cup of coffee… Pumpkin, Apple, Blackberry, Blueberry, Lemon, Coconut, Chocolate, Pecan… Thank you for this lovely chance. Happy reading and writing. ☕️

  • Claire Kann September 15, 2016  

    Blueberry pie is my favorite but this recipe looks amazing:

  • Shelly September 15, 2016  

    My favorite pie recipe would be my mother’s coconut cream pie. We had it for my father’s birthday every year when I was growing up. Due to my brother’s requirement that all birthday cakes (or pies) have the correct number of candles on them (those big numeral ones do NOT count) my mother always made extra toasted coconut to replace that which was lost to wax drippings!

  • Susan Peterson September 15, 2016  

    I love pies of any kind! I love to bake, too, although pies are not my forte; I love baking cakes and cookies! But pie is actually my favorite dessert!

  • Laura P Bryant September 15, 2016  

    Blackberry Cobbler.

  • Angella September 15, 2016  

    Apple pie, of course!

    This sounds right up my alley. I love bringing good books to the cabin.

  • Nita Haddad September 15, 2016  

    My favorite pie is chocolate but as the holidays are coming, I am all about pumpkin cheesecake!

  • Jennifer September 15, 2016  

    My favorite pie flavor is key lime!

  • Vicki September 16, 2016  

    Cherry all the way!!

  • Jennifer Darlington September 16, 2016  

    My favorite pie? That’s like asking which one of my kids I like best! Lets see, if I HAVE to pick…crumb topped apple!

  • jessica eapen September 16, 2016  

    I like a classic apple pie!

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