My First Book : Life After Lilies

I’m just a girl. With a book. Looking for an agent (and ideally, a publisher) to love it.

That pretty much sums it up. It took me nearly six years to finish my first book, LIFE AFTER LILIES. It’s a story about a woman who posthumously travels between past and present, uncovering secrets of those she loved and discovering life is not always as it seems (read an excerpt). The characters have lived with me for six years, and at times I forget they’re not real. Writing a book has been an interesting process: at the best of times, glorious, creative and satisfying; and at the worst, frustrating and downright depressing.

I considered simply shelving it. Because I always stated the goal was to finish the (damn) thing. But now, after all this time, that seems boring. So I’m going to see if there’s another home for my little book; somewhere other than sandwiched between my collection of Nancy Drew mysteries, and the novels I wish I’d written.

Here, I hope to share how it’s happened, and what happens next. From how I write, to querying, to getting my manuscript polished, to beta reading, to finding an agent, and to (fingers crossed) getting published. Oh, and starting book number two, which is needling at my writer’s brain daily. Now I just need my preschooler to sleep in past 5:30 am so I can harness that early morning creativity…alone, and with coffee I haven’t had to microwave three times. Wish me luck.