Book #2

It’s been nearly three months since I’ve blogged here. (oops)

But enough about that. I’m back, and I have a few things to say.

One, I finished book #2. Like, wrote ‘the end’ finished. Here it is, printed out and ready for polishing.

It’s hovering around 87,000 words and most of them I like. Which is amazing to me. Book #1 took nearly 6 years, and now I understand why taking that long isn’t the best idea: it makes the story less sticky, the threads weaker, and the tension tenuous.

Of course now I have to edit all those words (gulp), but I’ve started and I will finish. Soon, I hope, because book #3 is calling my name…

As for a book #1 update, after 40 queries I had 4 agents read all of it and one read part of it. All rejected it, but four agents expressed interest in seeing my next project. My plan is to revisit book #1, to take the valuable feedback (which I agree with), and to rewrite it. But not yet. First I need to give book #2 some wings.

I have a few plans for this space. I’m going to continue (hopefully more regularly) writing about writing. I also hope to put up links to contests and post other resources for writers. And I’m going to blab about my own project(s), even if just for my mom, my CPs, and a few of my kind social media friends.

So on that note, here’s the blurb for book #2:

The Doctor’s Daughter: Surgeon Penley Attwater returns to her tiny, hackneyed hometown to take over her dead father’s medical practice, bringing with her a shocking pregnancy and a mysterious genetic legacy, whose secrets jeopardize the life she’s come to love.


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