Flash Fiction Friday

Recently Kobo Writing Life ran a micro fiction contest, where writers could submit a story … as long as it was told within 100 words. (That last sentence? Twenty-five words.)

I’m new to micro fiction thing, also called flash fiction, and was instantly intrigued. I don’t see myself as a short story writer — in fact, I’ve never written one, or had an idea for anything under say, 90,000 words (I do write articles for magazines, but non-fiction is a different type of storytelling).

But I loved the challenge of crafting a story in so few words. And mostly? I wanted to see if I could do it. So I decided to write up a 100-word story and submit it to the contest. I have no idea if what I’ve written would be considered ‘good’ by the short-story, flash-fiction ‘experts’, but I had fun doing it. And because it’s Friday and I love titles with alliteration, I thought I’d share my 100 words here.

The Mummy

 We shouldn’t have unwrapped the body. But the newspaper, dated September 6, 1928, taunted us with its frailty. Crumbling in our curious hands, it revealed its secret. Tiny fingers, tiny toes. Long ago, brand new.

“We should call someone.” I held the bundle as though a whisper might blow it away. My wedding band shone with inexperience.

“Bizarre,” the police said. “Second one I’ve seen,” the coroner announced, zipping up the black bag. Finally alone, we patched the wall. Hiding her grave again behind layers of vintage wallpaper and fresh plaster.

The ‘for sale’ sign went up a week later.

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