First, an update on my query adventure…

32 queries sent

3 full manuscript requests (Woo hoo!)

12 rejections

So if you do the math, I’m still waiting on over half the queries to come in as ‘yay’ or ‘nay’. The last two requests came after I tweaked my query letter yet AGAIN (hair pulling has stopped temporarily), and I’m completely prepared to do more tweaks as needed. I’ve signed up for a webinar today about how to write a killer query and it comes with an agent critique — even if I don’t touch this query again there will be another book needing another query. I am determined to become BFF with my queries!

Which brings me to the topic of habits, specifically writing habits. I try to get up to write around 5:30am at least 3x a week. With coffee in hand and computer on lap, I write until the kidlet gets up. Sometimes I get an hour and a half; sometimes I get 30 minutes. But either way, it’s a habit that’s working for me. I learned my lesson with Life After Lilies — it took me nearly six years to write, and there were long stretches of time when I didn’t write a single word (like the first six months of my daughter’s life). It was always a challenge to get back into the story, to pick up where I’d left off. My writing box was filled with rusty tools after those breaks, and it took longer to get back into a good rhythm.

So with this next book (which I’ll talk about soon!) I was committed to a different process. I had a glorious weekend at home — alone — this past month and I wrote nearly 17,000 words that weekend. A great start. I’ve since added nearly another 4,000 words and because I’m so entrenched (in a good way) in the story, the plot teases me regularly. I can see the full story arc, and that’s exciting. I’m determined to complete this book by January 2013. Three months to go…

Do you have a writing habit? Would love to hear about it!


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