Time: Speed up / Slow down

It’s rainy and cold outside, the kiddo has impetigo (so no school today), and I’m wishing I could bend time. The problem is, I need to bend it in both directions.

I’d like to speed things up, because I’m still waiting to hear back from two agents on my full manuscript (heard back from the third, who offered me a lovely rejection – and yes, there really is such a thing), plus a handful of freelance-related things.

I’d like to slow things down because I need to find some time amidst the chaos to focus on the work in progress I have on the go (to meet my first draft deadline of January 2013), and to create outlines for the other FOUR ideas I have for future projects. Le. Sigh.

One of my critique partners commented to me this weekend that I’m a sort of machine when it comes to writing — I assure you, I am not, but I do understand where she’s coming from. Her life is more complicated than mine at the moment, and complications leave little room for creative thinking and writing. Because no matter what, it still takes TIME to write. And complications mean everything just takes a little longer. But when I read about authors polishing off their fourth book in the past two years, while raising two little babies and running a household, or the newly agented author who finally snagged representation after writing FIVE manuscripts (this seems to be quite a common story), I’m flabbergasted at how they do it.

Where, I wonder, do they find the *bleeping* time?

On a good day — and by good I mean no impetigo, no other pressing deadlines, veins full of caffeine, and a brain full of character details, hooks, plotlines, and vision — I can knock off 1000 words an hour…for at least a couple of hours. But I’d have to do that every single day to accomplish what others seem to be doing. Ah, the usual compare if you dare game. Never ends well.

So ultimately, because I have yet to discover time manipulation, I’m going to have to remind myself of a couple of things:

1) Write every day — even if it’s 250 words

2) I really have no idea how others produce their content (maybe they have the Supernanny on retainer?), so I should stop worrying about them and worry about myself.

3) Chin up, buttercup! Life is good. Never forget writing fiction is a luxury.

However, if anyone knows how to slow down or speed up, I’m all ears…

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  • Chantal October 23, 2012  

    1. I can’t believe we missed each other at Blissdom
    2. I know what you mean. I set a goal of 300 words a day. Any 300. Except shopping lists, menu plans and school forms.

    We have some pressing complications going on in this house and some days, it takes everything I’ve got to get out of bed. In fact, I’m typing this while sitting on my bed, so mission not accomplished today. That’s life, right?

    So I’m going to sit here and read some more blog posts and laugh, cry and dream. Until 3:30, when school ends 😉

  • Karma October 23, 2012  

    Thanks, Chantal!
    Agree – can’t believe I didn’t see you (!), and having a daily goal is key. I usually try to write my fiction before the kiddo gets ups. But today she beat my alarm (which was set at 5:30am). Sounds like you have a good day planned – we all need those ‘stay in bed’ days. Enjoy your reading : )

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