While I wait, I write.

I’m in the query trenches right now, alternating between feeling like this:


And this:


And a little of this:

So while I wait, and wait, and hope, and wait, I’ve started working seriously on my next book. It is truly the best cure for the query hangover that comes in the morning when you open your inbox to a rejection…or two (or more), depending on the day.

And while part of me is exhausted at the idea of starting OVER AT THE BEGINNING AGAIN, I’m also VERY EXCITED. There is nothing like the thrill of an idea forming; the satisfaction of getting that first line down. Being able to see the scenes play out in your head, even if the threads between them don’t yet exist. This next book is ambitious — it has a hook that will be tricky to write, and I hope I’m up for the task.

Of course, if writing isn’t helping the rejection headache, I’ve also found chocolate and alcohol (in moderation) work well, along with celebrating good news of other writers. And with each rejection, send out another query. Because if you’re not ready to deal with the rejection, you’re just not ready to be querying.

As one of my lovely critique partners says, “Just keeping going. It’s bad until it’s good.”

Wise words.

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